Buried Wireless UGS Sensors

Buried Wireless

UGS Sensors

Unattended Ground Sensors System


SensoGuard Battlefield Proven Unattended Ground Sensors System are an ideal solution to wireless remote monitoring of areas-of-interest or access routes.


We are proud to offer to most flexible and modular Unattended Ground Sensors System in the world.


With more than 9 years of continuous improvements from real field usage by leading militaries and LEAs we offer a customized cost-effective solution which can be supplied according to client needs.


Our Unattended Ground Sensors works on RF-UHF communication (Star / Multi-Hop Mesh based).


A typical network can contain up to 250 unattended ground sensors, repeaters and hub unit.


Our unattended ground sensors are very simple to install (Plug&Play) and can be managed from PC or Smartphone based App.


Our UGS sensors are designed & built for simple integration with 3rd party systems, so you can easily add our unattended ground sensors to your existing alarm system and receive alarms on security alarm panel or even integrated with leading VMS software.

Our AIO (All In One) Sensors

AIO 1.0

MOSS 1.0

AIO 1.0


AIO 2.0













100hours (rechargeable)

Battery Operation Time

10months (rechargeable)

AIO 2.0

AIO 2.0

Early warning

The most important advantage of using unattended ground sensors is the element of surprise.

Usage of buried ground sensors which are completely hidden and the long transmission range of our sensors allow you to install the sensors in tactical locations which will provide an early warning or another layer of protection.

Smart Trigger to Security Cameras

Unattended ground sensors can help to improve the ability of CCTV cameras (fixed or PTZ),

by wirelessly triggering a remote camera only on events of interests and in this way to create a more complete smart and reliable solution which reduce human power which requires to operate those cameras.

SensoGuard open platform, long wireless transmission range and simple connection to security cameras enable new possibilities for upgrades of existing security systems which are based on Thermal / Optical Cameras which until now perform a schedule scanning of the area trying to locate intrusions by a chance.

UGS Diagram

From Military to Civilian Usage

Our unattended ground sensors system is designed by Industry professionals with many years of experience in the Defense industry, we have supplied our sensors to more than 25 countries for various types of applications.

We are proud to offer the broadest range of unattended ground sensors on the market.

Many other companies have one product which they offer to any application.

Contact us to describe your needs and we will do our best to offer the optimal solution.

Surefire Features

SensoGuard’s UGS kits are extremely easy to deploy, designed to deliver reliable early detection for a wide range of landscapes, sites, or tactical security needs:

Flexible transmission ranges

  • 250 meters with built-in underground antenna.
  • 1 km with flexible 5 cm antenna.
Smart PTZ camera control

Features embedded Pelco-D protocol for automatic control of any pan-tilt-zoom camera.

Relevant Software Tools

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