Tunnel Detection System

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Tunnel detection System

Tunnel Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion detection systems are usually focused on intrusion detection above ground level (by foot \ vehicles). However, sometimes there is a threat of under the fence digging \ tunneling which none of the standard PIDS (perimeter intrusion detection systems) can detect.


We see a growing number of requirements for tunnel detection system.


It is very common to think about tunnel detection system along border lines (Israel-Gaza, USA-Mexico borders for example). Cross-border tunnels are known pathways for illegal drugs and people, and potential pathways for even worse threats to the security. Many of those tunnels are shallow holes but some are elaborately constructed with hydraulic lifts, water pumps and rail cars.


Under-the-fence digging can be a threat on many more scenarios:

    • Prisons \ detention facilities
    • Critical infrastructure site
    • Marijuana grow-ups and Private properties
    • Private Resort \ Golf site


The only technology which can reliably detect digging activity is the seismic technology.

SensoGuard InvisiFence is the first off-the-shelf system for tunnel detection. The InvisiFence system is cost effective solution which is also very simple to install by local team.


The standard system provides a virtual fence along the perimeter and detects any digging activity up to 25m depth (80ft), deeper detection of tunneling activity is also possible if required.

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Border protection

Marijuana grow-ups

Critical infrastructure site

Private properties

How does it work?

Seismic sensors which sense vibration activity are installed underground; the sensors data is constantly sampled and processed, by locally distributed processing units, in real-time in order to detect any threat of interest using a patent protected smart adaptive algorithm (US Patent No. 10,878,674).


Once a threat is detected, its alarm data is sent to the central Hub-unit which handles it and transfer it to display in the command and control software (SensoGuard CCS or 3rd party software).


Unequaled extra layer of perimeter security

Highest probability of detection

Self-learning algorithms feature a high level of threat recognition, making the system most reliable with a nearly no false alarms.

Type of threat classification

The system identifies and classifies the event according to type of threat, such as car and footsteps.

Per threat adjustability

The system adapts to environmental noises with adjustable per threat sensitivity threshold for each set of 3 sensors.

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Question: Can the same system be used also for footsteps and vehicle detection?

Answer: YES, you can configure the system to detect also footsteps and vehicles

Question: What is the minimum/maximum length of perimeter you can protect with the InvisiFence system?

Answer: The InvisiFence system can protect areas ranging from 200m to 1000’s of Km due to the modularity of system configuration (every 1Km section is completely independent)

Question: What is the required infrastructure in order to install the system?

Answer: the system required power supply on every 1Km (which can also be supplied by a small solar panel)

Question: How much does it costs?

Answer: system costs are influenced by several factors such as: perimeter length, communication output interface, threats of interest etc.  Please sends us inquiry to sales@sensoguard.com with project information and will respond ASAP

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