Solar Farm Security

Solar Farm Security

Solar farm security is a challenging task, as solar farms are usually isolated, unmanned sites dispersed over large geographical areas, making remote supervision the most suitable option.


Moreover, when solar panels are stolen, or damaged, it’s more than just the cost of replacing the panels that hurts. We should consider also time spent on insurance claims can be to the detriment of productivity. When panels are stolen, there is an inevitable loss of revenue.


Perimeter security systems in photovoltaic site are an essential element to ensure care-free continuous operation.

They provide an early detection of the intrusion attempt and activate an alarm before the theft happens, so that remote operator can use 2-way audio system to warn the intruder and hopefully avoid the damage.


However, using standard popular fence mounted systems for remote isolated site such as solar farm may cause the intruder to damage the system by simply cutting the cable thus creating very high expanses for maintenance and system repair while leaving the site unprotected until damage is fixed.


Only buried (invisible) perimeter security system is immune from such vandals operations.

SensoGuard Buried sensors are the most advanced and yet simplest to install buried intrusion detection system for solar farms security.

Key Benefits For Solar Farm Perimeter Protection

Invisible And Vandalism-Proof

Blends into the environment and detects any attempt to sabotage or dig under

Volumetric detection

High Level of protection, Hard to defeat


Immune to Environmental Conditions: Rain, Fog, Wind, Day & Night

Plug & Play

Simple Installation, Easy & Short training

Independent or integrated

Works alone or integrated to video security systems, alarm systems, etc


Several installation concepts according to budget and risk level

Over the years we designed several concepts for solar sites protections with our sensors

Our seismic buried intrusion detection system can be used as stand-alone solution or as an additional layer of protection to existing fence mounted or radar system.


By using several perimeter security systems for Solar Farm, the level of security and overall reliability are increased.

Complete Perimeter Protection

In this option our buried sensors are placed around the solar farm in order to create a virtual Fence which will detect footsteps and vehicles around the site.


It will not be possible to dig under the fence or jump above without being detected.


Unlike fence mounted system, our buried sensors will assure continuous operation without the risk and costs of cable cut/sabotage.

Layers Of Protection

Solar panels are usually arranged in rows with constant spacing between rows.


The shape of panels arrangement leaves specific corridors between panels which the intruder have to pass through them.


By placing Our buried seismic sensors on those specific corridors we create a very cost effective internal ring of protection which will detect and activity inside the site, around solar panels.

Access Routes Early Warning System

Many times, there are several access routes which are leading the solar farm.


In case those routes doesn’t serve near-by sites, they can be easily monitored by using buried seismic sensor.


Normally, one sensor can cover an access route and provide a very cost effective way to identify approaching vehicles or persons to the solar farm.


Our detectors can operate on batteries for years and send alerts using cellular or RF communication.




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