Mini-Vib Background




Miniature Vibration Detector for Security & IoT applications. The Mini-Vib sensors are designed to be placed on a surface / object in order to monitor any mechanical impact / movement.

The Mini-Vib sensors provide dry-contact (relay output) upon alarm detection to 3rd party device or alarm system.


Main Features

  • Small size
  • Ultra-low power
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Low false alarm rate


Alarm output options:

  • Default : Dry contact (relay output)
  • Optional : UART / RS-485 / TCP/IP


You can use Mini-Vib sensors to protect: vaults, fuel tanks, communication boxes, containers, gates, etc.


Adaptive self-learning algorithms on a chip.


High sensitivity vibration sensing.


Multiple communications interfaces (relay output, GPIO, UART and RS485 ports).

Various IoT applications

Security systems

Key Features

  • Vibration detector- detects mechanical                    vibrations / hits
  • Integrated with existing alarm systems
  • Ultra low power: Run by batteries as well as           DC constant power supply
  • Working Temperature : -40 to 85 degrees               (Celsius)
  • Relative humidity = 95%
  • Maintenance free, easy operation (plug & play)
  • Recommended installation: physical attached       to surface / body of interest
  • FAR : 1 per two weeks
  • PD : 98%
  • MTBF= 100,000 hours
  • MTTR= 1 hour

Vibration Detector

  • Embedded sensitive vibration detector (Omni-directional        vibration measurement)
  • Case Enclosure:  IP66
  • Power options: 12VDC (3.6-24V) / Internal Battery
  • Current Consumption : 0.1mA @3.6V = 0.3mW
  • Standard relay output (optional RS485 output version)
  • Connector : IP68
  • Dimensions : H=30mm; W=50mm; L=50mm

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