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SensoGuard is a technology-focused company specializing in innovative seismic and magnetic sensor solutions for a wide range of security and IOT applications.
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SensoGuard CCS

SensoGuard CCS

SensoGuard CCS (Command and Control Software) provides a powerful alarm reporting user interface for SensoGuard security systems.

The SensoGuard CCS can manage both wired and wireless systems.

The CCS software includes 3 sections:

  1. System elements: Hubs and processing units hierarchical view with the option to enable/disable any element of system
  2. Map View: resizable map view of area with location of each unit / sensor
  3. Alarm Table View: Alarm Table which displays alarms received from SensoGuard sensors with relevant information as: time of alarm, type of alarm, hub ID, unit ID

Alarms history are saved in Database and can be exported to spreadsheet if required for backup purposes.


Integration with leading VMS software:

SensoGuard CCS can be integrated with any 3rd party VMS software.

The integration allows sensor zone alarms to be monitored from the VMS software directly.


Available integration in the last CCS version release:

  • Milestone Xprotect
  • FLIR Latitude


Contact us for more information and requests for integration.

PC minimum requirements for running SensoGuard CCS:

• Operating System: Windows 10
• CPU: I3 or above (recommended i5)
• RAM: 2GB (recommended 4GB)
• HDD: 250GB (recommended SSD HD)

Feel free to contact us for more information