PC SUITE SensoGuard is a technology-focused company specializing in innovative seismic and magnetic sensor solutions for a wide range of security and IOT applications.
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PC Suite

PC Suite

SensoGuard PC Suite is a user-friendly PC configuration utility for SensoGuard products.

You can operate the PC Suite while connecting to a system locally (using a USB cable) or remotely from the Hub unit.

The PC Suite software includes two modes of operation:

  1. Configuration mode
  2. Technician Mode

The configuration mode provides a simple way to configure SensoGuard products.

This mode allows changing of sensitivity settings (of each threat), suspend time between alarms and keep alive interval.

PC Suite Introduction Video

PC minimum requirements for running SensoGuard PC Suite:

• Operating System: Windows 10
• CPU: I3 or above (recommended i5)
• RAM: 2GB (recommended 4GB)
• HDD: 250GB (recommended SSD HD)

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