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protecting oil and gas lines

Detecting Digging

Underground sensors, buried above the pipeline, can detect diggings in the pipeline area

Detecting oil leakage

Detecting Oil Leakage

Sensors attached to the pipelines can detect leakage as it happens, and send immediate notification.

Oil and gas companies need to protect their pipelines from theft and leakage. Apart from proving costly for the pipeline companies, these issues also pose adverse environmental effects. The fluid leaking from the pipelines contains hazardous material which can pollute the environment.

We, at SensoGuard, offer a complete oil and gas pipeline security system. Our effective system detects all the potential threats or risks associated with the pipelines and alerts the maintenance staff at the right time to prevent the damage and losses caused by theft or vandalism.


We use seismic technology-based solutions for protecting oil and gas pipelines. The seismic technology enhances pipeline security with an added layer of protection. The sensors and the processing units are placed underground; hence, they are invisible to the intruders. Moreover, the seismic technology enables our security system to work throughout the years resisting the extreme weather conditions. An array of seismic sensors is linked together to form a comprehensive pipeline security system. Our system contains a hub that serves as a central processing unit to control the system. The hub receives messages and alarms from the processing units. In addition, sensors attached to the pipelines can detect leakage and notify and company’s HQ of the leakage.

Main Features

Seismic Technology

Low Power Consumption


Rugged and Weather-Proof

With best in class performance in terms of system reliability and power consumption, our high-end technology offered in both the wireless and wired versions according to client requirement. The wireless methods wireless mesh technology with low bit rate, highly synchronized, TDMA, bi-directional communication scheme that operates in the license-free ISM bands.


The oil and gas pipeline security system offered by us detects all the potential threats and provides the security personnel the exact location of the threat. Furthermore, it can also accurately protect the perimeter surrounding the pipe.


SensoGuard’s oil and gas pipeline security system can also alert your security forces about any diggings, illegal tapping or tempering attempts to steal your pipes or the fluid flowing in them. We have a unique signal processing which can differentiate between different events and will alert the security personnel accordingly.

Our oil and gas pipeline security system is highly effective. It can give early warning to help and prevent damages and losses. The system is flexible, it also allows you to set the sensitivity level that you desire easily

The oil and gas pipeline security system from SensoGuard is safe. It does not pose any sort of harm or threat to your workers or fieldsmen. It will only trigger an alarm if it detects a fault in the pipeline or some illegal digging and interference. Our pipeline security system is suitable to for the protection of your crude oil pipelines, gas pipelines, refined product lines, and high-risk pipelines.


Enhance the protection of your oil and gas pipeline with the most effective oil and gas pipeline security system by SensoGuard. Contact us now if you have any query or want to get an estimate on the cost of installation of our fully-functional oil and gas pipeline security system.

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