SensoGuard - MOSS (Mobile Operations Sensors System)

MOSS (Mobile Operations Sensors System)

SensoGuard MOSS (Mobile Operations Sensors System) was designed to assist in ambush operations.

All-In-One wireless unattended ground sensors provide complete 3600 situational awareness by detecting & classifying movement in key locations (penetration routes) and provide early warning to operators on field.

The MOSS system can be installed in minutes by field crew, the system is Plug & Play, maintenance free and doesn’t requires complex training to operate.

MOSS was designed for Military, LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies), VIP protection and security guards.

SensoGuard MOSS provides immediate terrain dominance on remote-open areas in a cost effective, user friendly experience.


• 5 wireless seismic sensors
• 1 miniature wireless receiver
• Rugged Android smartphone + SG Patrol App
• Small digging tool
• Carrying Bag / Rugged Suitcase

Customized KIT

We can assemble a kit according to client needs.

Additional Seismic Sensors (or other SensoGuard sensors) can be added

Additional receivers + smartphones can be added according to client request.

Relevant Software Tools

SG Patrol

Android application for hand-held receivers on field



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