Unattended Sensors

MOSS (Mobile Operations Sensors System)

SensoGuard MOSS (Mobile Operations Unattended Sensors System) was designed to assist in mobile / tactical applications which require immediate security solution.

Our Tactical wireless unattended sensors provide immediate complete 3600 situational awareness by using a combination of Outdoor and Indoor sensors.

The mix of different type of unattended sensors technologies provides a flexible, modular kit which can be assembled according to client operational needs.


The MOSS Kit can be installed in few minutes, and doesn’t require power or communication infrastructure to operate.

MOSS was designed for Military, LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies), VIP protection and security guards to provide immediate protection in a cost-effective, user-friendly experience.


AIO 1.0 | 2.0 - Unattended Sensors


MOSS Sensors

How it works:

Every MOSS kit composed of wireless unattended sensors, wireless smartphone receiver and a ruggedized smartphone with SG-Patrol App.

The components are usually packed inside a ruggedized waterproof suitcase which also contains accessories (rechargers etc.).


Each of the unattended sensors includes a rechargeable lithium battery for continuous operation and a long-range wireless communication capability which forms a private secured RF-UHF network without any setup or infrastructure required for its operation.


Upon intrusion detection, the sensor sends wireless alert to the RF Smartphone receiver,

Which forward it to the SG-Patrol APP.

The field response team, which carry the operational Smartphone, will get an audible alarm and the location and type of alert in real-time.

The SG-Patrol App can even forward the alarm to a remote-control room using cellular / Wifi connectivity.

Moss Diagram - Unattended Sensors

MOSS Indoor Kit:

The MOSS Indoor kit is useful in urban indoor environment.

You can easily create an independent security alarm system in vacation house, Hotel, construction site or for intelligence / force protection on any indoor mission.

The MOSS indoor sensors can be installed in seconds by using the internal strong magnet for attaching it to a metal object such as: door, elevator, pole, etc. or by using the screw-holes of enclosure.

The basic MOSS Indoor kit composed of:

  • 5 Tact-PIR sensors
  • Wireless Smartphone receiver
  • Ruggedized smartphone with SG-Patrol App
  • Ruggedized waterproof suitcase with accessories

MOSS Outdoor Kit:

The MOSS Outdoor kit is useful for critical access routes protection.

The MOSS Outdoor can provide field force pre-alarm notification in order to increase awareness and effectivity during field operations.

The MOSS outdoor kit can be useful for: Ambush/stakeout missions, force protection etc.


The seismic sensors are completely Plug&Play so you just need to bury it on each point of interest and wait for intrusion alerts on remote & safe location.

The basic MOSS Outdoor kit composed of:

  • 5 AIO 1.0 / AIO 2.0 seismic sensors
  • Wireless Smartphone receiver
  • Ruggedized smartphone with SG-Patrol App
  • Ruggedized waterproof suitcase with accessories

Purchase options:

  • BASIC OUTDOOR KIT: 5 wireless UGS sensors
  • BASIC INDOOR KIT: 5 Tactical PIR sensors

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