Detectors SensoGuard is a technology-focused company specializing in innovative seismic and magnetic sensor solutions for a wide range of security and IOT applications.
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MOSS (Mobile Operations Sensors System)

SensoGuard MOSS (Mobile Operations Sensors System) was designed to assist in tactical/mobile applications which require immediate security solution.

Our Tactical wireless sensors provide complete 3600 situational awareness by using a combination of Outdoor and Indoor sensors.

The mix of different type of sensor technologies provides a flexible, modular kit which can be assembled according to client operational needs.


The MOSS Kit can be installed in minutes, and doesn’t requires power or communication infrastructure to operate.

MOSS was designed for Military, LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies), VIP protection and security guards to provide immediate protection in a cost effective, user friendly experience.

MOSS sensor options:

Outdoor sensors:

  • AIO 1.0: Miniature wireless UGS seismic sensor for short         missions
  • AIO 2.0: Wireless UGS seismic sensor

Indoor sensors:

  • Mini-Vib: miniature vibration sensor for gates/containers       etc.
  • TACT-PIR: thermal sensor for motion detection
  • TACT-RADAR: motion sensor for hidden installation

Purchase options:

  • BASIC OUTDOOR KIT: 5 wireless UGS sensors
  • BASIC INDOOR KIT: 5 Tactical PIR sensors

Relevant Software Tools

SG Patrol

Android application for hand-held receivers on field



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