InvisiFence Plus

Buried Sensor Cable


Smart Buried Sensor Cable for perimeter intrusion detection

The InvisiFence Plus system eliminates the need of local processing units along the perimeter line.

This is the first and only fully digital buried seismic system for perimeter security.


The InvisiFence Plus system composed of a cable with smart seismic sensors and a Hub unit.

The system features fully distributed sensing and processing capabilities.

Each sensor includes a DSP processor for local sampling & processing.


The InvisiFence Plus buried sensor cable creates an invisible perimeter security system around the secured area – one that is impossible to dig under or jump over.


The InvisiFence Plus includes adaptive self-learning algorithms with exceptionally high recognition level of diverse threats. It can distinguish between various threats above or below ground – footsteps, moving vehicles, digging and more – whenever fluctuations occur even before the intrusion takes place. The buried PIDS recognizes small animals and birds below 30 kg, leading to a minimal false alarm rate (FAR).


InvisiFence buried sensor cable provides a most reliable layer of extra of protection to small and large sites alike.

Fully digital system for improved performance

As a fully digitally distributed sensor line, the InvisiFence Plus is especially modular and easy to install.


Each sensor includes a dedicated DSP processor which allow pinpoint localization of intrusion.


The distributed sensing also allows maximum flexibility in terms of system layout, the sensor line can be cut anywhere and connected to a Hub unit which will manage it and forward alarms to a remote control-room or alarm system.


The sensors are connected to the Hub unit via RS485 bus network.


Multiple InvisiFence Plus systems can be installed in order to protect very large perimeters while keeping on redundancy and avoiding single point of failure.

Key Features & Benefits

Hard To Defeat

Underground System (Isolated) minimize risk of vandals / cable cut

Plug & Play

Simple Installation, Easy & Short training

Flexible Layout

Can be installed in sections / continuous according to needs


Immune to weather conditions: Rain, Fog, Wind, Day & Night

Volumetric Detection

High level of protection, above and underground

Line Of Sight

Our Sensors feels the threat’s vibrations (can work in forestry areas)

InvisiFence Installation

InvisiFence Demo

Relevant Software Tools

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Outperformance that’s second to none

InvisiFence offers a most reliable extra layer of perimeter protection with inherent advantages.


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Question: How hard is it to install the InvisiFence system ?Do I need any specific training or knowledge?

Answer: InvisiFence is very easy to install. Moreover, we supply the system pre-configured and labeled according to site dimensions and layout in order to simplify installation by local integrator.
In addition, we usually have a remote training session ( 1 hour training) to cover all aspects of installation.
If needed, we also offer on-site installation support

Question: Are there false alarms from nearby fences? Can I install InvisiFence next to metal objects? is there a recommended minimum distance from a fence?

Answer: The InvisiFence system is not influenced by nearby fences or any other metal objects (opposite to buried coax cables).

Question: Is it influenced by rain or wind ?

Answer: No, the system isn't influenced by rain or wind, or other environmental conditions.

Question: Can we connect the system to VMS software ?

Answer: Yes. SensoGuard can provide our alarm API protocol for simple integration with any software, we are also happy to assist with any integration effort.

Question: Can we connect the system to main power supply or is it battery-operated only?

Answer: The system can operate from external 12Vdc or from internal batteries up to 4 years.
The system also includes a UPS circuit that operates a back-up battery in case of power failure.

Question: What is the recommended distance from neighbor yard for optimal operation ?

Answer: we recommend installing the sensors at least 3m from neighbors' yard to minimize the chance of getting alarms when someone is walking on their yard.

Question: What are InvisiFence's available output options ?

Answer: You can set the output alarms in two ways : dry contact outputs (which you can connect to any alarm panel) or protocol output (for C&C or 3rd party integration)

Question: Can I change the system's sensitivity and configurations after installation ?

Answer: Yes, you can change the settings after installation. At any time, you can change the sensitivity level and modify the configuration on any unit and sensor.
Users can control all settings from the hub unit.

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