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Illegal Dumping Solution

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One of the biggest challenges facing local authorities around the world is protecting population centers from illegal dumping aka fly tipping. Mass disposal of trash is a growing problem for private businesses. Pollution, influx of mosquitoes and other pests, diseases, and dropping property values are just some of many harmful results of illegal dumping. Local authorities are doing their best to tackle the problem, but it is an uphill and often futile battle.

Apprehending the perpetrators of illegal dumping is a huge challenge. Not only are dumping locations of usually distant; in some cases, the dumping is performed on sites where the electrical infrastructure is available only within a 200 m range or not available at all. The SensoGuard security solutions for monitoring illegal dumping sites can be run with or without communication or electrical infrastructure, and they significantly reduce the surveillance costs.

Due to our extensive experience and years of knowhow acquired by setting up numerous installations worldwide, we at SensoGuard are able to offer the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective security solutions with minimal manpower outlays.

Our scientifically developed sensors invisibly installed around the suspicious locations will send an immediate alert so that the cameras can automatically detect the perpetrators’ activity in real-time. This will allow the local authorities to document the occurrence and bring the intruders to justice. In cases where the intruders change their dumping location, the sensors can be easily dismantled and reinstalled in other locations.

The SensoGuard seismic technology is the safest and most effective way to detect and record these illegal fly tipping activities everywhere and at any time, with minimal investment. The installation is quick, and no maintenance or support required.  Our smart algorithm will do the rest.

No Infrastructure Required

The system can be installed even at the remote locations where no communication or electricity infrastructure is available

Easy re-deployable

Our sensors are re-deployable and can be moved from one location to the other, persistently adopting themselves to user’s requirements

Extended Knowhow

Our extensive experience and years of knowhow allow us the adaptation to any customer’s needs

Immune to Environmental Conditions

Our system is immune to any weather condition and can be buried in any type of ground

Snapshot Images or Video

Our seismic sensors are triggering remote concealed camera and can facilitate the illegal dumping sites surveillance whilst minimizing false alarms and focusing on real events in the endangered territories. The felony is then officially filed and can be persecuted.

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