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In a world where the unexpected can happen at any moment, the security of your home should be a given, not a constant concern. Traditional security systems often rely on visible cameras and sensors, which can be tampered with or easily avoided.

Seismic Shield introduces a groundbreaking approach to home perimeter security by taking the surveillance underground.


By focusing on underground, invisible surveillance, Seismic Shield not only enhances your home’s security but does so without altering its natural beauty. Discover the smarter way to protect what’s most important to you.

How it Works?

Seismic Shield offers a discreet yet highly effective solution for safeguarding your property. This patented system comprises wired or wireless seismic sensors (buried sensors) strategically positioned around your home’s perimeter and cameras with AI analytics. Together, they detect, verify, and track any activity, providing a level of security that is not only advanced but also incredibly reliable.

1. Detection

Invisible Seismic Sensors

The first step in our security process begins with our underground seismic sensors. Placed at strategic locations around your home’s perimeter, these sensors pick up vibrations from footsteps or other movements. Because they’re underground, they remain hidden, not affecting your property’s natural appearance.

2. Verification

Fixed / PTZ Camera

Once a sensor detects activity, it sends a signal to our wireless hub. The hub then directs the PTZ or fixed camera to focus on the area of detected activity, providing real-time footage for immediate verification.

3. Tracking and Alerting

AI and Alarm Integration

If human activity is verified in the video footage, the camera continues to track the intruder. Simultaneously, an alarm is triggered in the system, alerting you or the designated security service. This ensures immediate action can be taken, making sure your home remains secure. The beauty of Seismic Shield lies in its simplicity. Each component works in harmony, providing a seamless, reliable, and effective home security solution.

Detection: Choose Underground Sensors Type

Wired System - Virtual Fence

The wired system provides the highest level of security around your yard, as it cover the entire perimeter and should detect any crossing attempt.


Sensor Deployment

Dig a trench for placing the sensor cable around your perimeter


Trench dimensions:

  • Width: 10-20 cm
  • Depth: 30-40 cm

Wireless System - Points Protection

Wireless sensors, installed as “mines” around your yard in order to protect critical points/access routes.

The wireless should detect intruders walking around your yard.

The wireless system is suitable for existing houses, where the customer would like to avoid digging a trench around his yard.


Sensor Deployment

Sensors are placed by digging holes in the ground 40cm deep and about 10cm wide.

The sensors are spread around yard according to layout of site (for example by assuming that intruders will not enter through walls so we can place the sensors close to house entrances and windows).

Alarm Verification: Choose Camera Type

SG-Vision PTZ

Our Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera is your home's watchful eye, providing advanced visual verification of potential threats. Upon receiving a signal from the hub, the camera swiftly turns to the intrusion location, using its wide-range view and zoom capabilities to track any movement. It employs advanced vision analytics to confirm a human intruder, ensuring real-time tracking and reliable security.

SG-Vision Turret

Our SG-Vision Turret cameras offer an aesthetic solution with their small dimensions. These cameras provide color video even at night, thanks to their light-sensitive image sensors. With fixed positioning and AI analytics, they enable immediate verification of intrusions without needing to move to the intruder's location, ensuring real-time verification which maximize system reliability.

Alert Options: Choose Operation Mode

The sensors and cameras links to the alarm system via dry contact, and alerts are received through the Alarm System.

The sensors and cameras are connected to the OutWatch server, and alert notifications are routed through the server.

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Detect → Verify → Track

Main Features

High Reliability

By integrating cutting-edge seismic sensors with advanced AI algorithms, Seismic Shield significantly reduces the likelihood of false alarms. Our system is designed to be precise, offering you peace of mind without the nagging worry of false alerts.

Ease of Installation

With its straightforward setup, Seismic Shield can be easily installed by any certified alarm installer. This allows you the freedom to integrate it with existing security setups or operate it as a standalone system, as per your needs.

Integrate or Standalone

Seismic Shield’s versatile design enables it to integrate smoothly with your existing security system. Alternatively, its robust features allow it to operate efficiently as a standalone system, offering flexibility in how you choose to protect your home.



Unveil the Seismic Shield: Watch our Overview Video for a glimpse into its home perimeter security.


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