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Home Perimeter Security System

Home Perimeter protection is the first line in the defense to detect an intruder on your property.


Standard detectors are focused in protecting doors, windows, vents, skylights, or any opening to a business or home.


However, protecting your home can be taken to a whole new level of security with our buried sensors.

SensoGuard buried sensors can protect both your home and your property by catching the intruder long before they get to the front door of the house.


While conventional outdoor detectors are installed on your exterior walls, our systems are installed underground anywhere on your property, while being completely invisible to the intruder’s eye.


Having a buried home perimeter security system gives you an advantage over intruders.


With SensoGuard perimeter security systems, you will always have the upper hand.


It is recommended to install outdoor CCTV cameras along our sensors which will alert you that someone has entered the property long before they ever make it to the front door.

Key benefits for home perimeter security

Invisible And Vandalism-Proof

Blends into the environment and detects any attempt to sabotage or dig under

Volumetric Detection

High Level of protection, Hard to defeat


Immune to Environmental Conditions: Rain, Fog, Wind, Day & Night

Plug & Play

Simple Installation, Easy & Short training

Independent Or Integrated

Works alone or integrated to video security systems, alarm systems, etc

Optional Protection Concepts for home perimeter security using our buried sensors

Detection » Alert :


Our perimeter security systems (Stand-alone detector & InvisiFence system) can be easily connected to any standard security alarm system


Alarms zones can be configured according to site layout.


In this option, the detectors will be responsible for detection of intrusions on your property according to system configuration

Detection » Validation » Alert (Defender system) :


In this method by using a fusion of technologies you can create a virtual (invisible) fence around home which detects and validate human walking on your property.


The Defender system composed of two layers:

  1. Buried seismic sensors for intruder detection (ground sensors)
  2. Video analytics cameras for automatic alarm validation.


The usage of our sensors in your home perimeter allows you to detect the intruder before reaching your doorstep/window and to activate floodlights/siren of alarm system.


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