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InvisiFence – this our top of the line system for static perimeters including international borders, factories, prisons and more. Applications:

Civic purposes- secures national parks & reserves, power plants, prisons, oil pipelines, farms and other perimeters.

Military purposes – border patrol, army bases, military land facilities.

InvisiFence  is a comprehensive system that identifies and classifies any threat either moving on foot or by vehicle. The system is invisible, weather proof, and maintenance-free which makes it the best solution in today’s market.

The users can decide which notifications or actions they wish to receive upon threat detection: operating cameras, setting off loud alarms, or receiving text-messages.

InvisiFence FAQ

Question: How hard is it to install the InvisiFence system? Do I need any prior training or knowledge?


InvisiFence is very easy to install. Moreover, we supply the system pre-configured and labeled according to site dimensions and layout in order to simplify installation by local integrator.

In addition, we usually have a remote training session ( 1 hour training) to cover all aspects of installation.

If needed, we also offer on-site installation support

Question: Can false alarms be triggered from nearby fences? Can I install InvisiFence next to metal objects? is there a recommended minimum distance from a fence?

Answer: The InvisiFence system is not influenced by nearby fences or any other metal objects (opposite to buried coax cables).

Question: Is the InvisiFence system influenced by rain or wind?


No, the system isn't influenced by rain or wind, or other environmental conditions.

Question: Can we connect the system to VMS software?

Answer: Yes. SensoGuard can provide our alarm API protocol for simple integration with any software, we are also happy to assist with any integration effort.

Question: Can we connect the system to main power supply or is it battery-operated only?


The system can operate from external 12Vdc or from internal batteries up to 4 years.

The system also includes a UPS circuit that operates a back-up battery in case of power failure.

Question: What about InvisiFence's available output options?

Answer: You can set the output alarms in two ways : dry contact outputs (which you can connect to any alarm panel) or protocol output (for C&C or 3rd party integration)

Question: Can I change the system's sensitivity and configurations after installation?

Answer: Yes, you can change the settings after installation. At any time, you can change the sensitivity level and modify the configuration on any unit and sensor.

Users can control all settings from the hub unit.

Standalone Detectors

Used almost only in private homes, the stand alone detectors set-off alarms in private properties when detecting threats. The detectors can be adjusted to most home security systems available today.

Standalone Detectors FAQ

Question: What triggers the alarm when using SensoGuard's underground detectors?

Answer: When activated, our underground sensors recognize any person or vehicle that approach the secured perimeter. The system then sends a signal to the alarm and triggers it.

Question: Is it possible to connect your buried detectors to standard security alarm panel?

Answer: Absolutely, our detectors include dry contact outputs (like any other motion detector) which you can easily connect to the alarm panel and define as a zone in the system.

Question: Does the system works on batteries or external power supply?

Answer: Our detectors can operate on batteries (standard 3.6V lithium batteries) or 12V power supply.

Our detectors also include UPS option, so you can install internal small backup battery which can operate the system continuously in case of power failure.

Question: How many sensors to use in order to create complete perimeter protection for a private home?

Answer: it is very simple to design sensors layout. The sensors are placed with 6.6m spacing so you just need to divide the perimeter by 6.6m.
For example: for 200m perimeter: 200m/6.6m = 30 sensors. You should get 5 units of SG-6 detector.
We sell sets of 1, 3 and 6 detectors.

Question: how do I configure the sensitivity of the detectors?

Answer: You can modify the sensitivity level for each threat such as footsteps and vehicles by using the on board DIP switches or via our user friendly PC utility. Installers get the PC Suite with purchase of our detectors.

Question: What is the recommended distance from neighbor yard for optimal operation ?

Answer: we recommend installing the sensors at least 3m from neighbors' yard to minimize the chance of getting alarms when someone is walking on their yard.

Question: is it waterproof? Will it work on very cold temperature? Is the system suitable for Northern Europe, Canada and other cold regions?

Answer: Yes, of course, our sensors have passed MIL-STD 810G environmental testing and can operate on extreme weather conditions.
They are waterproof (IP67) and can operate on wide temperature range: -40 to +85 Celsius degrees (-40 to 185 Fahrenheit degrees)

Question: Where do I place the processing units: underground or above ground?

Answer: Both options are OK. If you decide to install the processing units underground, we recommend to install the case inside a manhole (which is completely covered in soil) in order to ease maintenance in the following years of operation.