Continuous Border Protection


National border protection is frequently challenged by difficult topographical conditions, such as forests or mountains. Human surveillance of such a border often requires patrolling areas several kilometers in size, which makes the keeping it safe an almost impossible task. In such cases a smart and durable technology is required to ensure complete protection – a technology reliable enough to send an immediate alert about any breach.


While other protection systems require a line of sight for border surveillance, the SensoGuard InvisiFence provides perfect border perimeter protection by building a virtual fence along the national border under any given circumstances.

Our security system will not only identify any suspicious activity on the ground but will smartly detect any underground tunneling activity as well. The smart seismic technology of SensoGuard is able to recognize any attempted invasion on the surface of the national border as well as any activity underneath.


Our extensive experience of monitoring the borders of numerous problem zones in the Middle East and all over the world makes us uniquely qualified to guarantee the safety of your national border. Dangers to border security are something we face on a daily basis, and this makes protecting the border our supreme priority.

Main Features

Hard to Defeat

Underground System (Isolated) minimize risk of Vandals/cable cut.

Volumetric Detection

High Level of protection, above and underground.


Immune to Environmental Conditions: Rain, Fog, Wind, Day & Night.

Extended Knowhow

Our extensive field experience and years of knowhow allow us the adaptation to any customer’s needs.

Maintenance Free

No routine maintenance required

Optional Protection Concepts For Continuous Border Protection Using Our Buried Sensors

Our seismic buried intrusion detection system can be used as stand-alone solution or as an additional layer of protection to existing fence mounted or radar system.


By using several perimeter security systems for border protection, the level of security and overall reliability are increased.

Continuous Line

In this option our system is placed along border line to create a virtual Fence which will detect footsteps and vehicles around border line. The system will also detect underground tunneling activity.

High Risk Sections

In some situations the border line has several sections which are on higher level of threat than other sections. The modularity of the system allow installing the system only on the problematic areas after performing risk analysis. It is important to note that the system can be easily expanded anytime according to client needs.

Internal / External Ring of protection

The fact that the system is installed underground (Invisible) makes it possible to place the system anywhere along the border. In this option the system provides silent alerts on suspicious activity along border (from both sides). For example : The system can be placed in the sterile zones (after border wall/fence) to generate a pre-alarm notification if someone is approaching the fence/wall. The system can be installed before the wall/fence to generate a silent alarm in case someone is approaching the wall/fence internally (usually relevant for drugs smuggling activities)

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