Wireless Seismic Sensors

AIO XR - Early Alert Systems

Download Article Early Alert Systems: Enhancing Security with Early Intruder DetectionIn the realm of modern security strategies, the focus is increasingly shifting towards leveraging advanced technologies for early detection and preemptive countermeasures against potential threats. Among the forefront of these innovations are the SensoGuard wireless seismic sensors, which have emerged as pivotal tools in enhancing perimeter defense capabilities and early alert systems. The Strategic Importance of Early...

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unattended ground sensor (UGS)

The importance of terrain dominance on remote-open areas is even more important during the Corona virus days.   SensoGuard unattended ground sensor (UGS) Tactical Kits are in use by the Israeli MoD since 2013, the company is working closely with several field units to receive feedback and requests for changes or modifications. SensoGuard offers several UGS (unattended ground sensors) tactical systems based on the seismic technology (Patent Protected). The unattended...

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XR sensors

SensoGuard's all-new XR sensors increase the detection radius of UGS tactical units. SensoGuard is an expert in UGS (unattended ground sensors), providing defense solutions to LEAs and private companies. Units use UGS in order to defend borders, military, facilities, oil and gas pipelines, factories and other strategic areas and points from illegal crossings, thefts, and damage. The unattended ground sensors are placed under penetration routes, critical...

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Illegal dumping (aka fly tipping) is a burning issue all around the world. People or companies who dispose of waste in unauthorized areas cause harm for private and state properties in multiple countries.Waste can be any type of discarded material such as construction and industrial waste but is can also involve hazardous material such as chemical waste. Illegal dumping perpetrators are using private and state...

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