Two-Layered Perimeter Security Solution through Strategic Integration

Two-Layered Perimeter Security Solution through Strategic Integration


SensoGuard and IDIS Unleash Groundbreaking, Two-Layered Perimeter Security Solution through Strategic Integration


SensoGuard, a leader in advanced seismic security solutions, announces a game-changing integration with global security giant, IDIS. This alliance aims to revolutionize perimeter security by merging SensoGuard’s CCS command and control software with IDIS’s ISS Video Management Software (VMS).


The integration enables the association of sensors with cameras, with SensoGuard sensors triggering alarms on IDIS ISS. More than that, it opens the door to a new era of perimeter security: by integrating SensoGuard seismic intrusion detection sensors with IDIS’s smart analytics (IDLA) object detection, it forms a two-layered detection and classification solution, delivering a significantly reliable perimeter security solution.


This innovative integrated solution reduces false alarm rates and simplifies the work for operators monitoring a perimeter system, offering a more streamlined and efficient experience for security professionals.


“We see our systems as part of a whole solution, and we want to make life as simple as possible for integrators and end users,” says Tomer Levy, SensoGuard CEO. “Investing in built-in integrations not only makes us stronger and more attractive, but it also aligns with our commitment to delivering a complete and holistic solution. That’s our way of increasing customer satisfaction.”


With IDIS, the largest video surveillance manufacturer in South Korea, this partnership brings together top-tier security solutions on a global scale. The collaboration is an optimal response to the growing needs of an increasingly complex security landscape.


The integration exemplifies SensoGuard’s steadfast commitment to its integrators and clients, demonstrating a pledge to deliver comprehensive, efficient security solutions through an easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable system.


For more information about SensoGuard, IDIS, and their integrated security solution, please visit www.sensoguard.com and www.idisglobal.com.


About SensoGuard


SensoGuard is a technology-focused company specializing in developing and manufacturing unique seismic solutions for perimeter security, and defense applications.

SensoGuard mission is to create cost-effective, user-friendly technology solutions for immediate security needs.


About IDIS:


IDIS is a global security company that designs, develops, and manufactures surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets. Operating across 50 countries with over 100 strategic partners, IDIS is committed to providing the highest-quality, user-friendly, flexible, and scalable surveillance solutions with unrivalled performance, quality, and low total cost of ownership.



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