SensoGuard & FLIR Latitude VMS

SensoGuard & FLIR Latitude VMS

SensoGuard completes integration of buried perimeter intrusion detection systems with FLIR Latitude VMS


SensoGuard CCS provides the common software interface for monitoring and controlling SensoGuard buried perimeter sensors.


The CCS collects and distributes alarms and sensors health status.



The integration allows sensor zone alarms to be monitored from the FLIR Latitutde map and alarm monitoring screens, and also provides the means to trigger FLIR Latitutde event-to-action programming.


“This integration allows users to optimally combine SensoGuard industry-leading buried perimeter intrusion detection systems with FLIR Latitude platform to provide unified management of their complete security environment.” said SensoGuard CEO, Tomer Levy.


“This is a deep integration that enables users to take full advantage of all the features of SensoGuard intrusion detection systems from within the FLIR Latitude environment.”


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Shachar Levy