New UGS Cover Larger Areas with Fewer Sensors

XR sensors

New UGS Cover Larger Areas with Fewer Sensors

SensoGuard’s all-new XR sensors increase the detection radius of UGS tactical units.

SensoGuard is an expert in UGS (unattended ground sensors), providing defense solutions to LEAs and private companies. Units use UGS in order to defend borders, military, facilities, oil and gas pipelines, factories and other strategic areas and points from illegal crossings, thefts, and damage. The unattended ground sensors are placed under penetration routes, critical points of interest and access routes, the UGS detect any movement either on foot or by vehicle.
The buried seismic sensors are part of defense systems that also includes a processor that monitors every movement, and are attached to other devices such as cameras and alarms systems that are activated once the system recognizes a potential threat.

The new and improved XR sensors provide 150%-200% improvement in detection radius compared to our Standard Sensors. In other words, units that already use SensoGuard’s tactical solution can now increase the radius of the area they cover by using the new XR sensors.

In addition to the technological advantages, the new sensors are also more cost-effective:

– Units can now use fewer sensors to cover the same area (or more)
– The sensors are compatible with SensoGaurd’s tactical units, so there is no need to replace the entire unit, only replacing the sensors.

Lastly, the new XR buried ground sensors take less time to install – fewer sensors = reduced installation time.

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