Tunnel Detection System

Tunnelling Detection System

Guarding the Depths with Advanced Seismic Technology



In an ever-evolving security landscape, threats not only come from the horizon but also from beneath. These underground perils, often overlooked, pose significant risks to national security, infrastructure, private properties, and mining operations.

SensoGuard understands this intricate challenge and rises to meet it with the revolutionary InvisiFence Plus – the first and only off-the-shelf tunnelling detection system.


Key Features


  • Seismic Excellence: Our proprietary seismic technology stands unmatched in detecting subterranean activities, ensuring a robust defense against covert threats


  • Depth Detection: With capabilities to identify digging activities up to 25m deep, InvisiFence Plus is unparalleled in its protective reach. Custom solutions for deeper detections are also available


  • Versatile Applications: From securing international borders, prisons, critical infrastructures, mining sites, private estates, and more, our system offers universal protection against underground intrusions


  • Ease of Installation: Our focus on user-friendliness ensures that local teams can easily deploy the InvisiFence Plus without complicated setups or specialized tools


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How it works?

SensoGuard’s Tunneling Detection System operates on the foundation of our proven InvisiFence Plus wired system or with our wireless AIO XR sensors.

Here’s a breakdown of its operation:


1. Seismic Sensing Technology


Every movement on or under the ground generates seismic vibrations. Whether it’s the faint rumble of footsteps or the significant disturbances caused by digging or tunneling, our system is attuned to detect them.


2.InvisiFence Plus Wired System Or AIO XR Wireless System


The backbone of our tunnel detection solution, the InvisiFence Plus, features a cable with smart seismic sensors connected to a hub unit. Each sensor is equipped with a dedicated DSP processor, ensuring local sampling and processing to precisely pinpoint and classify the type of seismic activity

For scenarios where a wired solution might be challenging to deploy, our state-of-the-art AIO XR wireless sensors come into play. They carry the same seismic detection prowess as their wired counterparts, offering flexibility without compromising on security. 


3.Intelligent Algorithms 


At the heart of the system lie our adaptive, self-learning algorithms. They continuously analyze seismic patterns, discerning between potential threats and benign activities. This results in a high detection rate while keeping false alarms to a bare minimum.


4.Real-time Monitoring & Alerts


Upon detecting any suspicious activity, the system instantly relays this information to the control room or integrated alarm system. It ensures prompt action, be it alerting security personnel, activating cameras, or triggering alarms.


5.Seamless Integration


Whether you want to connect the system to VMS software or have it integrated with other security systems, the tunnel detection system provides straightforward integration options. Furthermore, users can easily adjust sensitivity and other configurations even post-installation, ensuring the system remains adaptable to evolving security needs

Our tunnelling detection system is field proven for more than 8 years on borders and prison protection projects.

Our system can be installed in sections, and extended gradually according to threat assessments and customer budget.

With this robust and versatile operational mechanism, SensoGuard’s Tunneling Detection System provides an unbreakable shield against underground intrusions while also accommodating the unique needs of different sites, from international borders to mining operations.

Unequaled extra layer of perimeter security

Highest probability of detection

Self-learning algorithms feature a high level of threat recognition, making the system most reliable with a nearly no false alarms.

Type of threat classification

The system identifies and classifies the event according to type of threat, such as hand digging or electrical tool

Per threat adjustability

The system adapts to environmental noises with adjustable per threat sensitivity threshold for each sensor.

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