Seismic Security Technology


Reliable seismic security requires solutions that consist of both mechanical and digital software engineering.


SensoGuard Smart Adaptive algorithm (US Patent No. 10,878,674) ensures the most reliable, power efficient, real time algorithm for our products.


By continuously advancing our platform and algorithms for optimal performance based on real data from the field, we are able to achieve more reliable and affordable security from the same seismic technology used for earthquake detection.


Our seismic security technology is proven and field-tested, delivering easy integration with third-party systems and IoT applications with minimal vendor intervention.

Our Sensors

Our Sensors Tech

Seismic Security Technology

Proprietary Operating System

SensoGuard has developed a flexible and modular operating system (OS) that can also easily integrate types of sensors such as magnetic or motion sensors. Designed specifically for seismic security applications, our proprietary OS elevates industry standards with best in class battery consumption and groundbreaking innovations such as our Smart Seismic Sensor.

Flexible and modular OS

Best in class battery consumption

Intelligent Adaptive Algorithms

Our real-time algorithms are designed to adapt to the environment. Based on predefined templates, they sense environmental changes and then run statistical assessments to identify and verify the pattern of the type of threat, such as walking, driving, digging, etc. All the signals are processed via a central unit on an individual sensor level – helping better locate the threat while saving on communications and battery life.

SensoGuard API

SensoGuard offers a flexible application program interface (API) that enables to easily customize any of our buried solutions for one’s specific needs and preferences.

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