Standalone Detectors

Buried Seismic Detectors


Our standalone buried seismic detectors offer reliable, long-lasting and invisible protection – with no maintenance required. Based on the same sensitive seismic technology used for earthquake detection, the system recognizes threats in its vicinity.


Our underground buried seismic detectors are manufactured in compliance to strictest military standards, rendering them completely functional year-round, even under extreme weather conditions. The system is able to uniquely recognize a wide range of threats above and below ground, including footsteps, moving vehicles, digging activities, among others.


It is easily integrated into any existing security system – offering an extra layer of reliable protection – or operates as a standalone security system in guarded or unguarded sites. Equipped with adaptive algorithms optimized to minimize false alarms rate (FAR) and maximize probability of detection (PD), the system acts as a worry-free early detection system to secure and protect your assets and property.

Private homes

Access routes

Power plants

Agricultural areas

High security zones

More highly protected sites

Easy to install with no maintenance

Our seismic security systems are very easy to install and can be connected to electricity or long-lasting lithium batteries.

Step 1 : Dig and cover

Dig a pit about 2 feet deep (30 to 50 cm.) and place the sensors and processing unit inside before covering and compressing the soil.

Step 2 : Connect and test

Connect sensors to processing unit, set the sensitivity level, and test by stepping in surrounding area until alarm is activated.

Step 3 : Rest assured

Cover the processing unit and enjoy year-round peace of mind protection.

Relevant Software Tools

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Get extra protection without the extra cost

SensoGuard SG comes in three different sets, making it ideal to protect both private homes and large secure sites.

SG-1 – Buried seismic detector with a single sensor

SG-3 – Buried seismic detector with 3 sensors

SG-6 – Buried seismic detector with 6 sensors

What makes the SG series second to none

Highest probability of detection

Self-learning algorithms feature a high level of threat recognition, making the system most reliable with a nearly no false alarms.

Type of threat classification

The system identifies and classifies the event according to type of threat, such as car and footsteps.

Per threat adjustability

The system adapts to the environment with adjustable sensitivity threshold for each threat and for different times during the day.

Key Features & Benefits

Maintenance-free automation

Runs self tests (BIT) and self-calibrates to environmental noises.

Rugged and weather-proof

Offers functional year-round 24/7 protection in all weather conditions.

Independent or integrated

Works alone or integrated to video security systems, alarm systems, etc.

Low energy consumption

Offers years of protection without needing to replace the battery.

Invisible and vandalism-proof

Blends into the environment and detects any attempt to sabotage or dig under.

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