SGx - Smart Seismic Sensor

Smart Seismic Sensor


SensoGuard has designed the world’s first ready-made buried sensor with the brains inside – enabling our OEM partners to build their very own seismic system though very simple integration with other security applications. Small in size featuring roughly the same dimensions as our analog smart seismic sensor, SGx enables complete control from any connected security system. Each SGx sensor can be adjusted for up to 10 sensitivity levels per event – delivering very low false alarm rates (FAR). Unlike conventional analog sensors, SGx has SensoGuard’s field-proven adaptive algorithms embedded on a chip for optimal probability of detection (PD). SGx makes the ideal system extra layer of protection by acting as carefree added security component for early detection system in:

Various IoT applications

Security systems

UGS systems

All the functionality you need embedded on a chip

If you would like to embed smart seismic sensor in your security or IoT system, then the SGx is the most simple and cost effective way to do it.

Its small dimensions and API with flexible interface options make it especially easy to integrate with existing security applications.

The built-in algorithms are capable of sampling and processing the seismic signal on the sensor level.


High sensitivity geophone for vibration sensing.


Adaptive self-learning algorithms on a chip.


Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC).


Multiple communications interfaces (relay output, GPIO, UART and RS485 ports).

Extremely rugged and built to last

SGx features the lowest power consumption in the industry, only 1mA @ 3.3V.

Manufactured under strict military standards, it offers worry-free security year-round and is designed to sustain extreme weather conditions (IP67) from as low as -40° to 85° Celsius.

The ideal solution for security OEMs

SGx makes it easy to tailor a most advanced seismic security solution according to your specific needs and preferences. It’s available under the SensoGuard brand or as a private label protecting your company brand and reputation.

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