SG-PPS: Pipeline
Protection Plus

Oil & Gas Pipeline Protection System


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SensoGuard Pipeline protection Plus system (SG-PPS) offers optimal solution for buried pipeline protection.

SG-PPS provides real-time monitoring of pipeline areas so that Third Party Interference (TPI) can be detected before the pipeline is damaged or breached.


The system is based on the InvisiFence Plus architecture that contains SensoGuard smart digital seismic sensors with an embedded DSP chip for the local analysis of seismic signals.

Fully digital system for improved performance

As a fully digitally distributed sensor line, the SG-PPS system is especially modular and easy to install.


Each sensor includes a dedicated DSP processor which allow pinpoint localization of intrusion.


The distributed sensing also allows maximum flexibility in terms of system layout, the sensor line can be cut anywhere and connected to a Hub unit which will manage it and forward alarms to a remote control-room or alarm system.


The sensors are connected to the Hub unit via RS485 bus network to form a 1km section.


Unlimited number of sections can be installed in order to protect very large pipelines while keeping on redundancy and avoiding single point of failure.

Key Benefits

Plug & Play

Simple Installation, Easy & Short training

Flexible Layout

Can be installed in sections / only on vulnerable parts of pipeline

Cost Effective

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through all system lifecycle 


minimizes nuisance alarms, without compromising the sensitivity of the system

Relevant Software Tools

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Outperformance that’s second to none


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