SG Patrol App

Real-time alerts, Anytime Anywhere


The SG Patrol App is designed specifically for field forces that require immediate alarm reporting without relying on any infrastructure such as power or communication networks. Here are the enhanced features and benefits targeted for such use cases:

Main Features

Infrastructure-Free Operation

No Dependency on Power or Communication Networks: Operates independently, making it ideal for remote or infrastructure-less environments.

Integration with Sensors

SensoGuard Wireless Systems: Compatible with systems like MOSS, SG Cam kit, and AIO Wireless Sensors Including seismic sensors (AIO 2, AIO X, and AIO XR) and indoor tactical wireless sensors (PIR Tact, Radar Tact, and MiniVib Tact).

Immediate Alarm Notifications

Provides real-time alarm notifications from connected sensors directly to the smartphone receiver.
Detailed Sensor Information: Displays the type of sensor triggering the alarm on the map view.

Mapping Capabilities

Google Maps Integration: Shows sensor locations and alarm notifications, facilitating easy visualization and quick response.

Rugged Smartphone Compatibility

MIL-STD 810G Rugged Smartphones: Can be supplied pre-installed on military-grade rugged smartphones, ensuring durability in harsh conditions.

Video Overview


Quick Response

Provides real-time situational awareness and rapid response capabilities.

Autonomous Operation

Functions without the need for external power or communication networks.

Versatile Integration

Compatible with a variety of SensoGuard sensors, meeting diverse security and tactical needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to use with Google Maps integration for intuitive visualization of sensor data.

Rugged Design

Ensures reliability in extreme field conditions, with smartphones that meet military standards for durability.

Usage Scenarios

Military and Tactical Operations

Ideal for units operating in remote or infrastructure-less environments requiring immediate alarm reporting and situational awareness.

Executive Protection

Used by executive protection guards to ensure the safety of high-profile individuals, providing immediate alerts and real-time monitoring without relying on existing infrastructure.

Security and Surveillance

Suitable for securing perimeters and monitoring sensitive areas without relying on existing infrastructure.

Emergency and Disaster Response

Essential for emergency responders who need up- to-date information on potential hazards in areas lacking power or communication networks. By leveraging the SG Patrol App, field forces and executive protection guards can ensure they receive immediate and reliable alarm notifications, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively without depending on external infrastructure.