Site Design Tool

SensoGuard Site Design Tool

The purpose of the Site Design software is to generate fast and simple graphical sensors layout plan + price quotations.

Using the Site Design, integrators can now avoid working with AutoCAD or other 3rd party software which consumes a lot of time (and lead to revenue loss) or to lower level of price quotations.

Working with Site Design also increase client’s confidence on system design as they can now fully understand the benefits of our system and coverage area + sensors layout in a simple MAP which the software generates.

Steps of using the Site Design

1. Load a map image of site (from google maps or other software)


2. Input the scale of image by selecting two points on map and inserting the actual distance between them


3. Place units of our detectors and see the coverage area graphically


4. Generate a report (which can be your PQ by adding prices) with BOM of items and graphical view of detection area

Site design- Simple and easy sensors layout design

PC minimum requirements for running SensoGuard Site Design Tool:

• Operating System: Windows 10
• CPU: I3 or above (recommended i5)
• RAM: 2GB (recommended 4GB)
• HDD: 250GB (recommended SSD HD)

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