Seismic Shield Pro

Complete perimeter security with buried sensors 

Seismic Shield Pro: Comprehensive, Undetectable, and Advanced Perimeter Protection 

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Seismic Shield Pro: Safeguarding Critical Assets with Precision

In the modern age, the need for proactive and intelligent security measures is paramount.

Critical infrastructures, solar farms, national borders, correctional facilities, and private communities all demand specialized protection solutions.

The Seismic Shield Pro, powered by the innovative InvisiFence Plus system, is specifically designed to cater to this intricate demand, ensuring that every inch of your perimeter is under constant, vigilant surveillance.


The InvisiFence Plus system composed of a cable with smart seismic sensors and a Hub unit.

The system features fully distributed sensing and processing capabilities.

Each sensor includes a DSP processor for local sampling & processing.

Revolutionizing Perimeter Defense with InvisiFence Plus for High-Value Sites 

It’s no longer enough to merely detect an intruder; the key is early detection with unmatched accuracy.

Leveraging the prowess of seismic technology, the Seismic Shield Pro offers an invisible defense layer that remains unaffected by visual or environmental interferences.

This is the future of safeguarding vital assets, ensuring not only detection but also verification, ensuring your defenses are always a step ahead of potential threats.

Whether you’re fortifying a nation’s borders or securing a high-tech solar farm, this solution promises precision, reliability, and peace of mind.



Immune to weather conditions: Rain, Fog, Wind, Day & Night

Invisible & Hard To Defeat

Underground System (Isolated) minimize risk of vandals / cable cut

Unsurpassable Virtual Fence

A continuous protective barrier 6m in width and 25m in depth, ensuring zero gaps in your defense  

Intelligent Threat Analysis

Accurate threat analysis. Determine in real-time the nature of the intrusion – be it human, vehicle, or otherwise

Flexible and Scalable

Perfect for sites of any size (independent sections of 500m) 

Seamless Integration

The architecture of Seismic Shield Pro allows for the integration of additional components or the expansion of the existing system


1. Intrusion Detection

The InvisiFence Plus system creates a 6m width and 25m depth virtual fence around the secured perimeter. Any disturbance or intrusion attempt within this region is immediately sensed.

3. AI-Powered Verification

The initial intrusion alert undergoes AI alarm verification. Our advanced deep learning analytics quickly determines if the event is a genuine threat, such as human or vehicle movement, or a benign disturbance.

5. Data Recording and Analysis

The system’s integrated VMS server archives footage and alarm events, allowing for post-event analysis and ongoing system optimization.

2. Instant Camera Orientation

Upon detection of an intrusion, the system immediately guides the IDIS PTZ camera to the location of the potential threat, ensuring real-time visual verification.


4. Real-time Response

In case of verified threats, the command and control software triggers an alarm. The IDIS PTZ camera continues to track the intruder, giving security teams visual data to decide on the next steps.


InvisiFence Plus System

At the heart of the Seismic Shield Pro is the InvisiFence Plus system. These sensors are buried underground, creating a 6m wide by 25m deep invisible fence. This continuous barrier ensures comprehensive detection and makes bypassing virtually impossible without triggering an alert.


Once an intrusion is detected, the camera is the eye in the sky. With pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, this camera provides high-resolution real-time video feedback. Its rapid orientation ensures that potential threats are captured and tracked seamlessly.

AI Deep Learning Analytics

Deep Learning Verification: All intrusion alerts pass through the AI unit which leverages state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms. This system confirms whether detected movements are genuine threats or false alarms, drastically reducing response times to real incidents and minimizing unnecessary alerts.

Command & Control Software

The C&C software provides real-time updates, triggers alarms, and integrates with the IDIS PTZ camera, ensuring a coordinated response.

All video feeds and intrusion alerts are stored securely on the VMS server.

With these key components, the Seismic Shield Pro offers a comprehensive and cohesive system, ensuring perimeter security that’s robust, reliable, and adaptive to evolving needs.


Critical Infrastructures

Power plants, water treatment facilities, and communication hubs demand the highest level of security due to their significance in a functioning society. The Seismic Shield Pro offers robust protection against external threats, ensuring uninterrupted and secure operations.

Solar Farms

Expansive and often remote, solar farms are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other intrusions. Seismic Shield Pro provides extensive coverage, even in vast, open areas, guaranteeing safety and operational integrity.


Border security is paramount for national safety. The Seismic Shield Pro aids in real-time detection, swift verification through AI, and immediate response mechanisms, making it a top choice for border agencies.


Ensuring that prison perimeters are uncompromised is vital. Seismic Shield Pro’s advanced detection capabilities ensure that any unauthorized movements—whether they’re escape attempts or external threats—are promptly identified and addressed.

Gated Communities

Residents in gated communities seek both luxury and security. Seismic Shield Pro provides a discreet yet effective layer of protection, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the community while ensuring resident safety.


The diverse application range of Seismic Shield Pro is a testament to its adaptability, effectiveness, and reliability. Whether you’re guarding national borders or ensuring the peace of a residential community, this solution stands as a beacon of modern perimeter security.

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