Prisons Perimeter Protection System

It has become a need of the hour to use the innovative and cutting-edge technologies to enhance the security of the prisons. A single physical fence alone is not enough to restrict the prisoners in the prison. Therefore, the safest option is to opt for perimeter protection. It offers a wide range of solutions to eliminate the chances of any sort of illegal activity in the prison i.e. digging, tunneling etc.

SensoGuard is offering the ‘InvisiFence’ for prisons perimeter security. It is a state of the art prisons perimeter protection solution system which uses underground seismic sensors technology. The InvisiFence prison perimeter protection solution creates an invisible fence around the prison perimeter, which makes it impossible for the prisoners to jump over or dig underneath.

In addition to the existing physical fence around the prison area, a virtual fence, InvisiFence by SensoGuard, will enhance the security up to a great extent. The seismic sensors are placed underground in the Prisons perimeter; these sensors can identify intrusion by any unauthorized person whether they are trying to cross the prison by foot or by digging a tunnel. The system is programmed to detect any activity whether it is on the ground or underground. Our all-effective prison perimeter protection solution makes it impossible for intruders to bypass or vandalize the system.

InvisiFence system can either be installed inside at the buffer zone or outside the prison fence. The exceptional system features adaptive self-learning algorithms which allow the highest recognition level. Whether it’s tunneling or an attempt to escape by the prisoner, the system will immediately trigger an alarm to alert the security personnel. With the most effective system by SensoGuard, there is no risk of false alarms. The system does not get influenced by birds or by small animals. The InvisiFence system is also immune to environmental conditions such as fog, rain, temperature changes or winds.

The system sensitivity level can be adjusted easily according to client requirements by local integrator after receiving the proper training from SensoGuard staff.

The InvisiFence system comprises seismic sensors strings which are connected to local processing units (6 sensors are connected to each processing unit). The processing units are installed in the spacing of approx. 40m (130feet), and all of the processing units along the perimeter are connected to a central hub unit via a single cable with a standard RS485 bus. A hub is required every 500m (1,640feet). InvisiFence can work standalone or as part of a long perimeter network whereby the hubs are connected together to create a continuous perimeter.

The system can be either individually installed or integrated it with your existing system to form a continuous perimeter, it can be easily integrated with the control system. Any camera, around the area, can be activated easily in case the system has detected an intruder and alarm has been triggered. It has a smart adaptive algorithm, which can classify events according to the customized pattern.

This system is suitable for both large and small sites. The system has the ability to classify events according to the threats. For example, an event of the driving vehicle is classified differently than digging or walking/running.

The InvisiFence will work throughout the year resisting harsh weather conditions i.e. fog and wind. Since the fence is invisible, there is no risk of it being tampered or sabotaged. The system is designed to be easily installed.

Prisons Perimeter Protection Solution

Get this state of the art prisons perimeter protection for enhanced prison security. It has the ability to detect any motion under or above the ground and alert the security forces. Contact us now for further information or to get an estimate on the cost of InvisiFence.

Alert Triggeraction

Smart Adaptive Algorithm

Classification of Events

Resisting The Extreme Weather Condition

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