Portable Tactical Kits

Portable Tactical Kits


SensoGuard offers most advanced unattended ground sensors (UGS) that are thoroughly tested and operational by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The buried security kits deliver reliable protection against intruders and infiltrators by detecting seismic waves while remaining completely invisible and undetectable.

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Military-grade UGS protection year-round

Our battlefield-proven UGS kits are engineered for portability and especially quick and simple deployment – providing total carefree security when left unattended.

Completely weather-proof, the manufacturing process uses only durable materials made to resist ground chemicals, extreme temperatures, and environmental changes such as fog, rain, snow and day/night conditions.

Thanks to our proprietary software architecture and algorithms, battery consumption is kept to a minimum with signal transmission occurring only when true intrusion is detected.

10X longer battery life

Consumes exceptionally low power compared to other buried sensors.

Maintenance free

Designed to be left unattended with proven results on field.

Plug n' play deployment

Deployed in minutes by any person with minimal training.

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