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Companies, private owners and military units use SensoGuard’s products in order to secure perimeters, from private homes to international borders, from oil pipelines to army bases.


SensoGuard's Solutions

SensoGuard Security Products

Not sure what is the right solution for you? Read more about SensoGuard’s perimeter security solutions:

SG Cam Kit

SG Cam Kit – The kit includes a number of sensors (depends on the perimeter size) and a battery-operated camera. The sensors activate the camera, set off alarms and send messages to mobile phones.

The SG Cam Kit system detects footsteps, digging and vehicles. It is used to secure perimeters of between 50 meters to 12km. Applications:

Civic – to secure areas that are targets for thefts, illegal dumping or illegal hunting.

Military – used to secure temporary army bases and facilities, and key outdoor points.

Read more about a similar solution Buried Wireless Sensors Kit (aka Underground Sensors System).

The SG Cam Kit is a great solution if you need something which simple and reliable (and relatively cheap). However, for larger or more sensitive temporary perimeters, many clients prefer the SG Rapid PTZ Kit.

SG Rapid PTZ Kit

The SG Rapid PTZ Kit includes sensors as well as other features such as wireless receiver, enabling individuals or units who use this system to get current data online.

Civic – secures construction sites, archaeological sites and other areas that are targets for  illegal dumping, thefts or poaching.

Military – used to secure temporary army bases and facilities as well as land borders.


InvisiFence – this our top of the line system for static perimeters including international borders, factories, prisons and more. Applications:

Civic purposes- secures national parks & reserves, power plants, prisons, oil pipelines, farms and other perimeters.

Military purposes – border patrol, army bases, military land facilities.

InvisiFence  is a comprehensive system that identifies and classifies any threat either moving on foot or by vehicle. The system is invisible, weather proof, and maintenance-free which makes it the best solution in today’s market.

The users can decide which notifications or actions they wish to receive upon threat detection: operating cameras, setting off loud alarms, or receiving text-messages.


Standalone Detectors

Used almost only in private homes, the stand alone detectors set-off alarms in private properties when detecting threats. The detectors can be adjusted to most home security systems available today.


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