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The hunting of wildlife by humans is a long-standing practice in many communities, and it continues in numerous forms throughout the world. The surveillance of illegal hunting is very difficult, forced to control vast territories spread over hundreds of kilometers, often without any infrastructure available and sometimes under difficult geological conditions.

Solutions to poaching offered so far by international organizations, such as banning the trade in animal products and establishing local conservancy committees, still fail to meet the challenge of protecting the created wildlife refuges.

Protecting the wildlife and keeping the forests free of illegal hunters is our practical objective and ethical challenge. We provide the most comprehensive, easy-to-deploy and cost-saving security solutions on the market for the protection of natural resources. Our advanced seismic sensors technology is able to detect even the most meticulously planned penetration of nature preserves, and to track even the lightest intrusion into protected territory.

The SensoGuard seismic sensors, invisibly installed along critical points, will automatically detect poaching activities and capture real-time recorded evidence, insuring that the poachers are brought to justice. This will make life much easier for forest rangers, who can keep doing their job without being overwhelmed by illegal hunting and the resulting damage to natural resources.

No Infrastructure Required

The system can be installed even at the remote locations where no communication or electricity infrastructure is available

Easy re-deployable

Our sensors are re-deployable and can be moved from one location to the other, persistently adopting themselves to user’s requirements

Extended Knowhow

Our extensive experience and years of knowhow allow us the adaptation to any customer’s needs

Immune to Environmental Conditions

Our system is immune to any weather condition and can be buried in any type of ground

Snapshot Images or Video

Our seismic sensors are triggering remote concealed camera and can facilitate the illegal dumping sites surveillance whilst minimizing false alarms and focusing on real events in the endangered territories. The felony is then officially filed and can be persecuted.

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