Seismic Shield Home Perimeter Security System

Home Perimeter Security

Elevate Your Home’s Security with Seismic Technology

When it comes to protecting what’s most valuable to you,

why settle for basic security solutions that only alert you when an intruder is already at your door or window?


Introducing seismic technology for residential security—

a hidden, hard-to-defeat solution that detects intruders as they walk around your yard,

offering advanced warning and giving you the upper hand.


Both our Seismic Shield and InvisiFence Plus systems offer the below advantages and can either be integrated with your existing alarm systems or function independently.


With the option to add SG Vision cameras, the protection is taken a step further with a three-step process:

Detect, Verify, and Track.


For a detailed overview of Seismic Shield, visit its dedicated webpage.

For InvisiFence Plus, please refer to its dedicated webpage.

How It Works?


1. Buried seismic sensors are installed along the perimeter in order to create a virtual fence around property.


2. The detectors are connected to home alarm.


3. The detectors analyze real-time signals and search for patterns of intrusions.


4. Alarms from the seismic detectors zones are managed by the alarm system as any other motion detector.

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Key benefits for home perimeter security

Invisible And Vandalism-Proof

Our seismic sensors are buried underground, invisible to intruders, and don’t compromise the aesthetic beauty of your yard

Hard to Defeat

Due to their underground placement, our sensors are exceptionally challenging for intruders to disable.


Immune to Environmental Conditions: Rain, Fog, Wind, Day & Night

Plug & Play

Simple Installation, Easy & Short training

Advanced Warning

Unlike traditional security systems, seismic technology detects threats well before they reach your door, providing you an additional layer of safety.

Military-Grade Security

Once limited to military applications, we’re bringing seismic security technology to homeowners.

Available Models

Seismic Shield: Critical Points Protection

Quick and Non-Intrusive Installation

With Seismic Shield, installing military-grade security has never been easier.

Our wireless seismic sensors require only minor digging at strategic points around your yard,

making the setup quick and non-intrusive.

How It Works

Seismic Shield operates based on a reliable three-step process:

Detect, Verify, and Track.

These wireless sensors are designed to minimize false alarms while providing real-time, verified responses to security threats.

Integrated with SG Vision cameras, you have the added ability to visually verify and track intruders, enhancing your home’s security manifold.

InvisiFence Plus: Continuous Perimeter Security

Installation: One Time Investment

Unlike Seismic Shield, InvisiFence Plus requires a trench to be dug around your property for the installation of wired sensors.

Though it’s a one-time investment of labor, the result is a continuous virtual fence that gives you peace of mind.

How It Works

InvisiFence Plus provides a seamless, continuous virtual fence around your property.

Its wired sensors offer reliable detection of intrusions, with near-zero false alarms.

When paired with SG Vision cameras, the system can also Detect, Verify, and Track intruders, offering an extra layer of security.

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System Installation

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