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InvisiFence – this our top of the line system for static perimeters including international borders, factories, prisons and more. Applications:

Civic purposes- secures national parks & reserves, power plants, prisons, oil pipelines, farms and other perimeters.

Military purposes – border patrol, army bases, military land facilities.

InvisiFence  is a comprehensive system that identifies and classifies any threat either moving on foot or by vehicle. The system is invisible, weather proof, and maintenance-free which makes it the best solution in today’s market.

The users can decide which notifications or actions they wish to receive upon threat detection: operating cameras, setting off loud alarms, or receiving text-messages.

InvisiFence FAQ

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Standalone Detectors

Used almost only in private homes, the stand alone detectors set-off alarms in private properties when detecting threats. The detectors can be adjusted to most home security systems available today.

Standalone Detectors FAQ

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