SensoGuard & System Surveyor

SensoGuard & System Surveyor

SensoGuard is proud to present the new collaboration with System Surveyor’s Intelligent System Design Software


Now, you can easily add our buried sensors to your physical security system design.


Our seismic sensors items are included under intrusion detection Tab in the System Surveyor application.


Add a perimeter security system to your next security project.


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System Surveyor is Intelligent System Design Software that enables a new level of customer engagement to co-design and visualize system design and streamline installation and maintenance. The mobile, cloud-based collaboration platform helps security professionals is built for Video Surveillance Cameras and CCTV, Access Control and Locks, Fire Alarm, IT, Building Automation, Audio-Visual, IoT, Communications and more.


To reach our page on the company’s website  and to view our element profile and our products, visit the link here.

Shachar Levy