New Technology Successfully Prevents Illegal Border Crossings

New Technology Successfully Prevents Illegal Border Crossings

Israeli forces capture illegal intruders after detecting them by using SensoGuard’s SG-Cam Kit

This winter, Israeli forces captured illegal intruders who tried to enter Israel from The West Bank. Intruders who illegally crossing the border from the West bank to Israel are an ongoing problem for Israeli security forces. The long land border poses a considerable challenge as it is almost impossible to secure the entire border the whole time. Moreover, roadside culverts, tunnels and other underground access points present even bigger challenges when trying to secure them.

Last November, Israel Defense Forces began using SensoGuard’s SG-CAM Kit as a solution to detect intruders who enter Israel through roadside culverts. Although the IDF already used this technology in other places, it was the first time it was used to secure roadside culverts. The SG Cam Kit consists of an unattended ground sensor, a wireless covert camera, and a command & control alarm management user interface.

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SG Cam Kit

The army unit placed the underground sensor just outside of the culvert exit and set the camera 10 meters away. When the sensor registered a movement it immediately activated the camera. At the same time, the border patrol unit received a signal and started viewing the images from the camera on the command & control interface. Once the border patrol unit recognized the intruders, they sent a unit after the intruders and were able to catch them.

SG Cam (UGS) Covert Surveillance Kit Page


Israeli defense company SensoGuard manufactures the SG-CAM Kit. We spoke with SensoGuard’s CEO, Mr. Tomer Levy, who told us more about this operation. “Prior to this operation a border patrol commander asked us to come up with suitable solution to prevent crossings via roadside culverts. We decided to go with the SG-CAM Kit because it was the best tactical solution. The kit is rather lightweight and takes only minutes to install. Furthermore, It has two main advantages compared with other underground sensors solutions. First, it is battery-operated and it can operate for months without the need to replace the battery. Second, it is completely camouflaged, it’s almost impossible to notice it, even in full daylight. Together with its proven ability to detect intruders, it was the natural choice for this operation.”


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