Border Patrol: Covering Roadside Culverts and Other Weak Points

Border Patrol: Covering Roadside Culverts and Other Weak Points

Last November, an FBI agent was killed and another was seriously injured after running into a roadside culvert. The two were involved in a mission near the USA-Mexico border, outside of El Paso, Texas. The case received a lot of media attention after President Trump tweeted about the case the following day. Although an FBI inquiry ruled that the agent’s death was not a murder, the case did highlight the importance of protecting the border in strategic weak points such as roadside culverts.

In many countries, roadside culverts, tunnels and other underground access points are used for illegal crossing by intruders. They pose a challenge to border patrol units since most border protection devices require power supply.  However, SensoGuard provides a reliable battery operated covert solution for such points with its tactical system, the SG Cam Kit. Recently we had a joint operation with a border patrol unit that asked us to help them cover roadside culverts exit points used by intruders. We assisted them to keep the border safe, and to catch intruders using the SG Cam Kit.


What is the SG Cam Kit?


The SG Cam Kit consists of an unattended ground sensor, a wireless covert camera (completely camouflaged) and a command & control alarm management user interface, for mobile, desktop or tablet.


SG Cam Kit

The SG-Cam Kit includes a seismic sensor connected to a smart chip, a camera and C&C interface


How Did the Operation Work?


We placed the underground sensor just outside of the culvert exit and set the camera 10 meters away. When the sensor registered a movement it immediately activated the camera. At the same time, the border patrol unit received a signal and started viewing the images from the camera on the command & control interface. Once the border patrol unit recognized the intruders, they sent a unit after the intruders and were able to catch them.


7 things you should know about the SG Cam Kit:


  1. The sensors and camera are battery operated, and usually they can run for approx. 3 months. Every 3 months or so, we replace their batteries.
  2. SensoGuard propriety smart adaptive algorithm (patent protected) actively studies the environment in order to avoid false alarms.
  3. The camera function enables remote teams to decide when to send a patrol unit after the intruders as well as collect evidence against suspects (alarm validation).
  4. The camera is completely camouflaged and can be hidden inside of a rock, on a tree or other natural elements.
  5. The control & command interface can be integrated with existing security software.
  6. Our unattended ground sensors are designed for harsh environment, MIL-STD 810G approved (USA military standard)
  7. The SG-CAM kit is already in use in several countries around the world (battlefield proven).


SG Cam (UGS) Covert Surveillance Kit Page


SG-Cam Kit camouflaged cameras

SG-Cam Kit camouflaged cameras

SG-Cam Kit camouflaged cameras

SG-Cam Kit camouflaged cameras


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