Golf Course Security Systems

Golf Course Security Systems

Golf courses’ security teams need to protect the grounds from thefts, vandalism and threats from intruders. Protecting a golf course can present a complicated problem, since the golf grounds cover a large area; it is difficult to monitor the entire area, all the time. Another challenge of protecting golf grounds is the fact that the power supply doesn’t reach every point of the perimeter, forcing restraints on types of security measures that can be taken. Most golf clubs protect the main building and entry points; however, since the golf grounds cover a large area, intruders can approach from any number of access points.


Security Devices Most Golf Courses Use

Most golf courses security teams use one or a number of the below security solutions:

  • Guard in the main entry point
  • Security cameras that cover the entrance to the golf grounds, parking and main building
  • Building fences around the perimeter
  • Patrolling the grounds (mainly after hours)




How Can SensoGuard Help to Protect Golf Courses?

SensoGuard Buried perimeter system (InvisiFence) is the perfect solution for Golf course protection.

InvisiFence doesn’t change the grounds appearance or conditions and it’s completely maintenance free.


How does it work?

We use buried seismic sensors in order to create a virtual fence around the perimeter of the golf course. The sensors can detect any intruders, whether they are entering the grounds on foot or by vehicle. The system can be integrated into an existing security system, or we can supply a command & control that fits the system.


The seismic sensors system can:


  • Notify the security team when there are intruders on the ground.
  • Send specific location data that is visible on the control & command system.
  • Set off (loud) alarms.
  • Send notifications via text messages to designated mobile phone numbers.
  • Activate the relevant camera that covers the specific area.


Do note that the security team is the one that decides what the system does upon detecting intruders depending on their needs. For example, if the main purpose is to scare off intruders, then setting off alarms could be the way to do it. Alternatively, if the main purpose is to catch the intruders red-handed then activating cameras that cover the perimeter while sending notifications to the security team can be the best choice for you. This way, you’ll be able to see the intruders on the ground, making it easier to catch them, while collecting footage that can be later submitted as evidence.


Is It Difficult to Install the Seismic Sensors Systems on Golf Grounds?

No, the systems require simple and easy installation. Furthermore, you can choose whether to install seismic sensors around the entire perimeter or to install the sensors in specific locations only. These locations are usually the blind spots for the security teams, and the seismic sensors help the team to monitor these spots as well.

The seismic sensors are buried underground and they can perform under extreme weather conditions. They are reliable during almost any weather or environmental conditions and can operate on batteries for years.

Read more about SensoGaurd’s perimeter security solutions here. If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page and leave us a message.


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