The Seismic Sensors Cable for Perimeter and Home Security System

The Seismic Sensors Cable for Perimeter and Home Security System

SensoGuard is proud to be a world-leading manufacturer of seismic-based security systems. Over the years we developed different perimeter security systems for private homes and mansions and for bigger perimeters such as prisons, international borders and factories. Up until now, all of our home security solutions were systems based on standalone seismic detectors. But now, we are launching a new product for home perimeter security (and other small perimeter protection applications), the seismic sensors cable.

With the new product, the seismic sensors cable, we aim to provide one of the best home security systems in the market today.


What is the Seismic Sensors Cable and How Does it Help to Keep Homes and other Perimeters Safe?


The cable has smart seismic sensors and a data processing chip in it. The data collected by the sensors is processed by SensoGuard’s field proven algorithm. The cable detects any movement above the ground including footsteps, digging or approaching vehicle. The cable is buried underground and it is invisible, intruders can’t see the cable or know it is there.

The cable is buried under the grounds surrounding the home and it can set off alarm in case any intruders are trying to get in.

The home owners will receive notification when a person (or a group of people) is walking on their ground, even before they reach the house and actually break in. Home owners can decide what to do when the system recognizes outside intruders, it can set off alarms, activate cameras or simply send a notification to the designated people, e.g. security teams.


The Seismic Sensor Cable Advantages


  1. Recognizes and notifies when intruders are on their way.
  2. Reliable Outdoor Protection- detects the intruders while they are outside your home and avoid any interaction on your door-step or window.
  3. Invisible from ground level, the intruders don’t know that this security system is active.
  4. The cable can be connected to  any standard security alarm panel or CCTV camera using dry contacts outputs.
  5. The cable can sustain extreme weather conditions, and can operate for years without any additional maintenance.
  6. Simple Installation- Plug & Play installation with central sensitivity settings using our PC Suite utility.
  7. Unlike past home security systems, the planning of sensors placement and sensors cable lengths are no longer required.


Buried Seismic Sensors Cable Layout


The buried seismic sensors cable security system is has flexible layout. The buried sensors cable can be cut at any point according to site size and layout.

After cutting the cable, the installer will connect Cable zone-unit which provides power to the cable and receive alarms from sensors and output them to alarm panel as dry contact output. The installers can create zones according to site layout simply by cutting the cable and connecting Cable zone-unit.


Buried Seismic Sensors Cable Packages:


  • 100m: 100m cable with 2xCable zone-unit
  • 500m: 5x100m cable with 10xCable zone-unit
  • 1km: 10x100m cable with 20xCable zone-unit

Additional Cable zone-unit can be purchased.


Technical Specifications


  1. DC input voltage : 12Vdc
  2. Outputs : dry contact output
  3. Sensors spacing: Adjustable 5–40m (default 6.6m)
  4. IP Rating: cable: IP68, zone-unit: IP67
  5. Temp range: -40 to 85celsius degrees

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